Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

I Want You To Boob Me As Hard As You Can

Sorry about missing the last update. comicgenesis was out on Saturday so there was no way for me to do the update.

Todays strip you finnaly get to see the great Nipplerella. When I made her about a year ago I wanted to make her look like a junky whore...because, thats what I associate the greatest whores of all time as. Its almost a compliment. For my skills back then I think I accomplished it decently, although if I were to redraw todays strip it would probably be a whole lot better.

A whole lot of guest strip action going on. If you missed it on Sunday I had a guest strip up on Fish Institition, a great very original webcomic, that has now receded into its extras section. Later on Friday the guest comic I drew up last month for Tree Sprocket will be coming up. So now would be a good time to look through those archives, trust me the joke will make more sense that way. Its a very nicely writen comic. Also I did a guest comic for Penis that I assume will be showing sometime soon. You may be wondering why I would do that. Its because reguardless of how dumb and retarded that comic is Matt has always stuck to his vision reguardless of the negative feedback. That is truely doing a webcomic for the pure fun of doing a webcomic. Even if Matt is a dick.

New vote incentive will be going up in alittle bit. It wont be a Genius Fingers, but I think you enjoy it. I'll get back to Genius Fingers after this one. So vote, join the FORUM, help me find an artist and I'll see you on Saturday Sticky Dikes.

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