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HA HA! You're Still A FOOL!

Yeah my cleverness caught you off guard didn't it. Instead of doing an april fools update on april the first I do it on April the thrid. This has nothig to do with the fact that I forgot I had this update already drawn up, but forgot about it on April Fools. Thats just crazy talk.

Anyways sorry for the late update. I didn't have any time to do anything yesterday due to the fact that I was outside working most of the day, and durring the night I had to see Sin City with a friend. I mean I wouldn't have gone if I didn't have to... *Cough*. Anyways Sin City is fucking awsome. I came into the theater expecting a great movie and it still exceeded my expectactions. So if you havn't seen it yet go to the fucking theater RIGHT NOW! You can read the rest of this news/ramble box when you get back. Trust me you're not missing much.

The Vigilante Artist search is still in the works. This isn't going to be the same old recylcled super hero comic. I'm going for something diffrent here. So please take the time to show me what you've got and try out to be the Vigilante Artist.

Now FORUM and vote please Sticky Dikes. I appreciate every post made in the FORUM, and I appreciate every vote made on Buzz.

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