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Shake It!

Sorry cutting it a little close to the cutoff, but technically with it being 10:30pm I still have an hour and a half before the comic is considered late. I love them technicallities.

I messed around with some effects in photoshop today. Tell me what you think of any noticable changes (not in the art) in the FORUMS. I'd appreciate it. Also you can stick around and chat if you want to.

Artist search for Vigilante still going. Come on people! This will be good. I promise, and if you don't think its're not people. ALIEN!

Not too many of you have voted this month. Come see my "little" vote incentive. Also I'll get the genius fingers archives caught up to the last one that was up this weekend.

Some links that I forget to mention every update. I've added Tanatos and Out of The Loops to the links section. Tanatos is a greatly drawn, sci fi mythology comic. Yeah, thats a diffrent combantion. The main character is DEATH! Go check it out its awsome. Out of Loops is another funny comic. Not as great art as Tanatos but still a funny comic.

That's all I have for you today Stickydikes. Hope you enjoyed the comic.

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