Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Ah Proper Introductions...

Finnaly Suz is properly introduced. It amuses me that even the simple drawings of Suz have improved since I first started on this strip. For those of you who are wondering what it says on the counter its "Debate Friday: Mermaids Sexy Bitches or Tastey Fish?" In case you havn't noticed every time theirs a strip taken behind the counter the words on the counter change. Take a look back through the limited archives and you'll see what I'm talking about.

For anybody that has taken the time to read my blog you've probably already realized that one entry is pretty much just an advertisement for one of my favorite webcomics. Thomas Deeny made a post on his website to have his readers tell at least one person a day about his comic strip. The blog was my first attempt at that and now I'm gonna hit you with a second dose right here. Go check out Planet Earth and Other Tourist Traps Archives and you may find that it is definatly one of the best Webcomics out there. It has original storylines, great art, just everything is great. Also as a bonus on his site he has a few other good comic strip archives to take a look at like Kozy K and Spade Phillips.

The news on the comicgenesis situation is still not here yet but at this point I'm pretty sure you'll survive with the way the site is at the moment. Not too many people are finding thier way on here. Everyone of them I think is actually someone I know. I guess thats all I got to say for today. Later Stickydikes.

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