Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Sex With Cartoons?

The concept of this strip would more than likly make a great thread in the forum. If this site had more than three people reading it right now I would more than likly make that thread. It will definatly come into play later.Now a few of you may be wondering why the hell he would just want to smell Jasmine instead of saying "Thats one flower I'd like to fuck." Let me tell you that there is a very good reason for this. YOU CAN'T FUCK A FLOWER!!!!!!! Don't believe me? Give it a shot....I'm pretty sure its not illegal just gross. heh heh. It actually wasn't until I posted this stip that I actually realized how odd Steves dialog was in this strip. I guess I need to get back into my head for when I wrote this thing so i can figure out WHAT THE HELL I WAS THINKING! Its cool though like I have said many a time the first few Sticky Fingers are not that great in both art and writing. The reason why their up is because my friends and family say its cool to see the evolution of the strips. Damn that brings a chill down my back when I think of how bad the first strips with Rish were least those ones had decent'll see what I'm talking about later. For those of you that want an update on the whole comicgenesis thing there is still no news at this point. Once I do know I'll make it well known on both here and my blog. I found a cool webcomic today that I think that you guys should check out. See some stuff with some real talent. Have a good day Stickydikes

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