Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

It's Cool You Can Give It Alittle Vote

I make it a point of not learing from my mistakes. This way I can pretend that things are gonna get better on everything. Not learing from your mistakes is the only way to maintain being a pure optimist. While that may seem stupid to some I'm gonna take the optimist view on this and say that the majority of you find that PURE GENIUS! The comicgenesis thing is still being worked out. Hopefully I get the password soon and this website will be running without any more blackouts. The forums are running good at the time right now so feel free to drop a thread in there and tell me what you want to see on both thr forum and the site. This is the first forum I've tried to run so don't hesitate to make suggestions. If you read the title for this thing you can tell that I want to get alittle voting. I'm well aware that I wont get far on the list with the constant black outs of the site but as of right now every vote puts me in a good mood. What can I say I'm stupid like that. heh heh. Once I get this site running good I'll do some reviews on some of the links that are in my links sections. I found another great webcomic today thats gonna make its way into there soon. Chances are if your not new to buzz you've already noticed it. Last I checked its managed to get ahead of Questionable Content. Thats suprising as hell.Too bad thier update schedule isn't as good as Questionable Contents though. Probably wont hold that position long. Thats all for today Stickydikes. Later

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