Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

I'm finnally Starting to Think This Wont Be too easy

I'm having some damn problems with geocities that are pretty much making sure that you arn't going to be seeing this update. If you are feel special geocities decided not to be that big of a butthole to you. I probably shouldn't even be updating right now cause for all I know its a big huge ass waste of time. I'll find out later though I guess. At this moment I'm trying to get my site added on to comicgenesis. I'm suppose to get my password for that in about a week. Hopefully that works in a way that it will be able to solve my problems. It has unlimited bandwith which is the complete problem of this stupid site. If too many people visit it in an hour it shuts down for an hour. Seem kind of stupid? YES YES IT DOES! This really helps you realize those "you get what you pay for" commets. If comicgenesis doesn't work out I'm gonna have to take a break from the website for about a half a year (at least). There have been a few new features added to the site recently that you should go check out. Theres my blog that goes into all the problems that I've had with this site so far. Read it if you really enjoy people getting crazy and frusterated over something that probably shouldn't be that important. Once I get these problems figured out I'll get to updating Bloody Fingers for all of you. I didn't want to start and end on this site too fast again is the only reason why I'm updating right now. Later

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