Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Why Do Chicks Always Fall For The Pantless Perverts?

Another Tuesday brings about another update. WHEW! Its almost like Christmas comes twice a week! *cough* Why not show you're graditude by voting or chatting it up on the FORUM. my breath....or fingers...need a self typing computer.

On todays update I don't want anybody worrying. This Rish crush is not going to take over the basis of Sticky Fingers. My penis would never allow it. Its just alittle something ontop of the goods... like that bag over your girlfriends head...just makes it alittle bit better. I kid... She's hot, and I can't judge.

You'll be suprised to know that Vigilante is still searching for an artist. And by suprised I mean you probably expected I didn't really mean suprised at all! Is your mind fucked yet, or should I do it harder?

I'm working a lot on Bloody Fingers right now. I'm currently hoping to get it going again by the summer, since I was drawing my male characters better and better...but I moved on to the TnA resently, and wow...that hope may be overly optimistic. You can count on me continuing to work on this though. Working on the women gives me an excuse to study my Playboys as an artist rather than a pervert... although if I ever can get the hang of doing two things at once I can be a Perartist. Ah....Dreams..

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