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Serviceing Publicly

I changed a few things on here...nothing big..but that last bit originally said "this has been a public sevice announcement! Because you're dumb" then it'd have a little star next to it. I decided that that was dumb and changed it. Also the "tee hee" was originally a "he he" but the "tee hee" gave me alittle smile. Overall a pretty simple update.

I would have had this one up alittle earlier but I had to go see Sin City again. That movie is so incredibly awsome. You have to bring a pair of extra pants when you see this cause this movie is so beautiful you'll juice your pants. Good good stuff.

I'm adding another link to the links section, Chooken. Great great comic about assassin birds. Its got humor, action, and drama. So go get to reading that after you're done here. I did alittle fan art for its 1st birthday which was on the 14th. According to Bev the fan art is going to go up on Monday so check it out then too.

I'm realizing that the FORUM and vote links are doing nothing or close to nothing in these newspots but whatever.... FORUM and vote please. Later Stickydikes. And Find me a Vigilante Artist!

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