Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Serviceing Publicly...Again

Yeah...I don't like public service announcements. Its usually a bunch of actors that have no more of a right to tell parents what their jobs are then myself, and I really am not someone whos opion you want to listen to, with family matters that is. Otherwise You WILL LISTEN, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!

Don't worry Saturdays update is going to get back on track with the storyline. Believe me it'll get interesting.Guess what!? You're never going to believe this! The Vigilante Artist search is still happening! I know you thought it would be filled almost instantly but it hasn't! So there's still time. *nudge nudge*

In other helping news why don't you go over to Dominion and help them out with donations. There's details on the homepage. Just go take a look.

Lets see....what else...uh... How bout some FORUM joining. I'm on there everyday, so if some people got to posting again it wouldn't stay entirly dead for too long. Lets get it going!....AND VOTE! WHEW!

Alright thats all I have today Stickydikes. Hope you liked the comic some and I'll see you again for Saturdays update.

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