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Hypnotism Sounds Fun

Sorry about missing this update being late and Saturdays update not happening at all. I'm a dick, so screw uh...sue me... Saturdays missed update was due to a bad mood, and yesterdays was because I spaced on a report in English. Those arn't good excuses or anything so feel free to complain. Updates may be missed in the upcoming weeks as well. I'm moving on Saturday next week so I think thats actually a fairly good excuse.

In other news there's three more comics being added to the links section. Near the Delta, Something Diffrent, and Penis. Near the Delta is an original comic with Egptian style comic with some funny writing. Something Diffrent, is well...something diffrent. Then there's Penis. I have to admit that at first I did not like this comic. But I've been chatting with Matt(the creator) on AIM and decided to give it another look. I have to admit, Penis has grown on me. *giggles* uh...*chuckles*.

In other news two great comics are updating again, Loserz, and Blame Society. So get to reading those, they're great.

Now the usual, Vote, join the FORUM and Vigilante Artist search links. Later Stickydikes.

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