Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Like Where This Is Going?

I'm back! You can all throw your crazy parades now! Sorry about the long break, I was going to update again last week when I had gotten situated from moving...but it was hot...and I have a pool now...and don't know how to get my priorities straight. Sorry. I'm gonna try and get the udating schedule back on track, but don't take my word for it... I'm a dueche.

Anyways this storyline would have beena lot better if I knew how to draw some sexy sexy ladies at the time. Instead you get this, with a last pannel of Rish that is cringe worthy. For that I'm sorry.

A very big thanks to "YourHumbleCartoonist" for the link over at the very well done original comic strip Near the Delta. If you all havn't read this when I last plugged it go read it now!

Now I'm not going to ask you for votes for awhile, as of right now Buzz is kinda dead. Police are still looking for suspects, and they'll tell us more when they know more. The funeral will be soon. *sniff* Anyways the real focus should be on the FORUM right now and if you're an artist the Vigilante Artist search. Thanks Stickydikes. Hope you enjoyed the update.

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