Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Update is an hour close to being late, but its not midnight yet, so its a Tuesday update! Whew! Would have had it up sooner but I'm easily distracted and Houses season finale was on..though it was kind of dissappointing. It wasn't a bad episode but it wasn't that intense. Maybe I'm expecting too much after 24 Season Finale. Wow.

Anyways sorry about the look of the comic, didn't ink it on a flat surface so its even uglier than it should bad.

In other news Al Schroeder of Mind Mistress could use some Weviews from you people on his forum. For those of you who don't know he was the moderater for the Weviews on Buzz, and his comic was up for Weview next week when Buzz crashed. So since he's done so much for the webcomic community it seems only right to bring the weviews to him. He had often pushed his comic back on the list and put others in front of him, its time for some help from us. Plus his comics not a bad read either. I'm up to the third issue and its a very diffrent superhero comic.

Finnaly the Vigilante Artist Search is still on. Hope you enjoyed the 69th update you Stickydikes!

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