Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Alright Stickydikes, story is back on track after a quick celebration of immaturity. Yey. I know what you're all thinking right now too, this would be such a great storyline if I knew how to draw some good TnA. Well...I don't so too bad. Guess you'll have to look to your Anime artists if you want some cartoon porn.

Read through a distrubingingly horrible comic archives the other day. It was derecommended by a comic artist that warned me not to read this comic. I ened up demanding it from her and reading it. This was a pure example of curiosity killed the cat. So I read it and am now scarred for life. Here's the link to the comic that you Stickydikes should not read. Whatever you do do not click this link.

Alright I'm stopping here because I'm going to go hang out with some friends. Later and I hope you enjoyed the update. Oh and Vigilante Artist Search...almost forgot about that.

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