Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Naked Midgets...My First Love

This comic is my first showing in Sticky Fingers of my strong love for the higher people of our specieis the midgets. That would honestly be the greatest moment in telivision history to see this. At least for me it would. Lets move on.

You can all start voting again. I've moved from Buzz which seems to be pretty damn dead right now over to Top Web Comics which seems to have gotten itself a slick new look since the last time I visited it. I don't have a Genius Fingers vote incentive up for it yet but there's a sketch up that I hope will hold you over until I finish up the Genius Fingers strip.

Alright I got nothing else for you tonight Stickydikes, so lets get with the usual of Please vote, FORUM, and the Vigilante Artist Search.

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