Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Oh The Possibilities

Don't worry this strip will be in color soon, its just I have to be somewhere in about a half an hour and that doesn't give me the time I need to get this finished properly. So rather than leave you hanging for another update I'm giving you the unfinished product. Sorry.

Stickydikes should drop by the FORUM today and check out the awesome alteration Quaz left on a picture of Pick I made. It's very awesome, and probably the best looking I've ever seen Pick.

By the time this update get up there should be a new vote incentive up. I think you'll all like it so why not check it out.

Final order of Buisness Vigilante Artist search. Am I suprised that I havn't gotten any responses yet? Nope..Still going to keep trying though, so feel free to show me what you've got!

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