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Lets Pretend It Looks Like They're Driving

Yeah I could not draw cars at all at the time this comic was drawn up. I'd still struggle if I was drawing this today, but today I probably would have used some reffrence art or something so it didn't come out this asstacular. Anyways I hope the writing at least makes up for it...but I'm not so sure. Whatever... Chances are if you read this comic you're not in it for the high quality art.

Stickydikes prepare. Next Sunday, thats the Sunday after tommarows Sunday I have something very awesome for you. I try to treat my fans as well as I possibly can I think that you will all like this very much. What is it? I wont tell you... You're going to have to show up here next Sunday to find out! Oh the suspense...or the mildly curious. It all works for me I'm not that picky.

Forgot to link a few things last update so I'm getting to that now. Zombie Bush finnaly premierd over on Dominion and I took a part in that project. In case you don't know the details its a comic done with a group of people. One person draws one page then the next person can only see the page of the person who drew a page before him. Then the next person can only see that persons page, and so on and so on and so on, until you get a story that makes almost no sense at all. Go check that out, the absurdity is fairly ammusing.

Another good link ZXIPI is updating again. And once again he's started his archive all over again...which kind of sucks because he had some good comics in his last archive but he only has the current archive and an archive from a long long ways back on there. Go check it out, the art is great, and has a distrubing charm to it. Very violent, very random, and very funny.

Final thing worth plugging....Sorry If I'm sounding like a commercial here, is Sarah Zero. Stef is making a new vote incentive every day in hopes of getting to the top 10 on the web comics list. So go over there and vote for his comic. It's good.

Alright that's all I'm going to give you Stickydikes...sorry to make this update so short ;).

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