Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

You'd Be Crying Too

Yeah...I'm late....No no not that kind of late. You know I had my tubes tied years ago....I mean...

Seriously sorry about the late update. I'm gonna try to get Saturdays update done early so this wont happen. Plus I want to have my special suprise for you guys ready by Sunday.

Next week there will most definatly be missed updates, I'm telling you ahead of time so you can't be too mad at me. Anyways I've got a pretty damn good excuse this time too...I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Apparently it's suppose to hurt like a bitch and everyone says I'm gonna be all helpless and all this bullshit. I'll wait to say they're full of it afterwards though... if it actually does hurt and I am in pain, I wont have the same attittude towards it that I have right now.

There's actually been a twitch of activitiy in the FORUM this week...Might be good of you to come on in there and see if we can get some real signs of life into it.

Also on the voting front I wouldn't discourage at least one vote coming my way but more importantly I want you to go on over to Sarah Zero and vote for that comic. Lets get Steph into the top 10 this month alright? That's all I've got for you this update Stickydikes. Later.

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