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More of a Tap Than A Punch

Yeah... what a comic... and by that I mean what a crappy comic. This is another one in the archive where I look at it and think....I was a fucking dumbass. The only good thing I can see from updating these comics from so long ago is that I can see how much I've improved in not only just drawing but writing as well. I can't wait to get to the next storyline. There is some crazy weird funny stuff that happens after this...but THIS SHOW MUST GO ON! or storyline...whatever.

Recieved my first ever fan art yesterday from the very talented Hammy_Burgers. She hasn't colored it yet (though it still looks great reguardless) but when she does it'll be showing up on this homepage. If you're too impatient to wait for that you can check out the sketch straight from the Sarah Zero forums where it was posted. Now show some love for Hammy_Burgers and check out her comics!

Vote incentive is still the Tanatos fan comic..cuz... I've noticed that not anybody has seen it yet... so no point in mixing it up any. Hope to see you all back here for the next update Sticky Dikes!

Artist Search is STILL going on

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