Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Poo Must Be My Muse

I will be the first person to admit that this strip is farily immature and stupid... though so is the majority of this comic so I guess this is no suprise for most. Though in all honesty... I had really screwed up in the way that I took on this storyline...though this was my first time trying to link up various storylines I've had to form one big story. So bear with me... and hopefully you're enjoying this one, which was the result of a huge amount of writers block.

Yeah...Poo humor is what I come up with when my brain has put up a road block in my mind. You'll notice that more and more as the comic goes on. Thats not to say that its all poo humor from here on out...but there is a decent amount...especially in this storyline.

Alright I put up a new vote incentive for all of you. A fan comic that I made up for Tanatos really quick. It came out pretty funny I go on and check that out. Still didn't make the new vote button yet so vote over here please

Found another great web comic that I need to plug on here. If you enjoy action comics with great art go ahead and check out Ravenwood. Has a hell of a nice creator too.

Next order of Buisness... I need to organize my thoughts better so these things seem less....un...organized...

You can expect the site to be going over some changes soon. Learned something cool the other day thats given me an idea on a nicer looker redesign.

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