Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Now Drop Those Panties!

I've got to admit it...when I made this strip it wasn't for any reason other than to shwo off Rish's sexy sexy panties. I know now you'll all want to take down your pants and beat off so I'll give you a moment or two before I go on.......... ................*looks at watch*..........hmmm..... Done yet? No? Ok... I'll wait a tad bit longer..... do do do do.... Alright times up... Mop up so I can keep going.

Next week the updates may be alittle hard to get up but I'm going to give it my best shot. Its just I have extremly early shifts at 3am early. By the time I get off from those I have to go to school... And when I'm done with that all I want to do is sleep. So if there's a late update...please forgive me...this week they gave me four out of five of my work days early morning like I will be very very exhausted. The good news though is that they're doing interviews right now to find sombody that doesn't have school to go to afterwads to do hopefully this will be my last week with this kind of is killing me.

I forgot to announce on the last update that the update schedule is changing slightly. No longer is it Tuesdays and Saturdays. With my school schedule the way it is I figure my best shots for updates will be on Wedsenday and Saturday. So if you don't see updates on Tuesday don't freak out on me just yet. If they're not there on Wedsneday .... You can throw an axe at me...

Still havn't gotten around to getting a proper link button to this new...newish webcomic list I'm on so you'll just have to go vote through a link right here. It'll be appreciated. Also Vigilante Artist search...and I may be looking for an artist for Bloody Fingers really you can respond to either one in the artist search thread...or even both if you have a lot of free time. ...Last but not least...any Stickydikes wanting to hang out in the FORUM are very welcome.

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