Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Dirty Dirty Poop

Holy crap on a stick that dogs are licking with hairy bug infested ears that smell like rotten eggs that have been rotting for at the very least a couple of weeks in an appartment that is never cleaned.... A STICKY FINGERS UPDATE! About damn time. Sorry about the long wait folks...I have noticed the amount of hits have gone down since the stop of my update which does show me that I do have a fan or two that I've dissappointed. I am truely sorry and I'm going to try to stop this from happening for this long again.

I found a comment on one of my abandoned forums that really helped to motivate me to get my ass in gear on this comic again. This comes from Sticky Fingers reader (hopefully not former reader after my long absence Isabella "Oh, it's so ultracosmic! My brother said it's the best webcomic he's ever read. And mom liked your drawing stile ." That was the greatest thing that I have ever read about the comic. Thanks for the comment I truely truely appreciate it.

If you feel like bitching at me...I'll be in my FORUM

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