Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"


Well everyone...did I keep you in suspense long enough...I assure you that was the only reason why the update took over a month to do….right…

Actually everyone there is a lot of reasons; the smallest of them being lack of time. There has been some debate for me as to whether or not to keep up with Sticky Fingers. I’m only coloring in old strips for the updates and its leaving me overall uninspired. That’s the reason for this strip being black and white. Sticky Fingers from this point till and undetermined amount of time is a black and white strip. It takes me less time to do and makes the coloring a lot less of a chore.

You may be wondering what I need all the extra time for... well…I’m bringing back Bloody Fingers. Not in the graphic novel form in which I had originally meant to bring it back, but it will be back. The graphic novel idea is not scratched just put in wait. Who knows perhaps bringing the comic back will help me find an artist for it and I will get to the graphic novel of it sooner. Now there wont be any updates on Bloody Fingers for a bit since I have to do some redesigning of the Bloody Fingers site… but once that is done I’ll try to bring it back for once a week updates…fully in color. This has to be done or Sticky Fingers will not survive. Thanks for bearing with me everyone that has stuck around with the comic. I know it’s been awhile.

Vigilante Artist Search Is Still Going on

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