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You Up To Speed?

Today’s comic was made just to catch up any readers that may have forgotten what the hell is going on here? While I feel I accomplished that as blatantly as I possibly could…I really screwed myself over with the punch line. The one that you’re reading up there isn’t even the worst one. It is very rare for me to change the art or the writing in these strips because as I’ve said before I want you readers to see the whole evolution of the comic…but this one was so insanely bad that I could not bring myself to put it up. At least up in the comic…I’ll put it down here no problem…because I’m positive none of you read this stuff anyways. The original punch line was “Why’d you even bring her to work if she thought she was French” to which Steve replies “Because I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together when I saw here eating French Fries instead of Freedom Fries.” In my defense…at the time I wrote this comic that was the big thing.

Now some of you may notice that I also have a genius fingers comic underneath the strip. This wont be a regular thing. However I just wanted to show you readers what the kind of stuff you miss out on when you don’t vote. Which…the Genius Fingers comics are going to come at you more frequently…Because I’ve decided it’s time I start cheating on them. Hence the cut and paste templates. It’s only a vote incentive anyways.

Sticky Fingers can now be found on Online So if you happen to be a member you can get your Sticky Fingers update info from there…as well as from The Webcomic List….which Sticky Fingers has been on for over a year.

That’s all I got for you today. Later Stickydikes.

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