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Poop On Your Face!

This update is defiantly one that I have dreaded putting up, as the punch line shames me immensely. This is that punch line that everybody hates with the “ha ha” its poop, bullshit. But shit is the result of a…uh…uh….writers block. While I have actually had good things just magically happen through writers block ( I refuse to give up writing just because I have it) this was not one of those times.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before…it seems that I forget a lot…but if you roll your mouse over chuck in the header for this page you’ll notice that it’s a link. Any of you MySpacer’s will appreciate this as it is Chuck’s Myspace page. It’s not complete yet, as there will be a lot more pictures and journals… but for right now it’ll do.

Another new link added to the links section, Immortal Severn. Very well done, darker story that I think is worth checking out. It is one of the comics that made it onto Guerilla- Press after all. Which now there is only one comic left in that group for me to read; some quality stuff that I hold no grudge against not being picked because of that.

Alright… See you later Stickydikes!

Edit* The Fan Art Below the comic comes from Kenzie of Mozhaets for the Secret Santa held at Gurrilla Press. It originally appeared by itself on the front page...but I moved it back here.

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