Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

I Saw It...

This storyline may have been poorly planned and as a result resulted in a lot of walls full of writers block... but I believe this strip still managed to be pretty damn funny. Remember this one when I update the next one in this storyline… hit a huge wall of writers block there… mainly due to the fact that I was trying to fit punch lines in situations that didn’t work… Or writers block… Whatever. Like I said I did learn from this storyline.

You have probably noticed that there is yet another thing of Sticky Fingers fan art under the comic. This was given to me shortly after I received the one from Hammy- Burgers. The artist is a fellow forum goer over at Tree Sprocket named Marc. He’s had his comic Hopeless Talent set up to be “coming soon” for longer than soon was meant to be. Come on man, if you’re reading this get to it!

The results over at Guerilla Press are in…and well… Sticky Fingers was not chosen. It’s cool though. They chose some quality comics, and if Sticky Fingers had been made a part of the community there would be some bitter people over there. That’s not anything against the other creators, that’s just I’m not forking out the same kind of quality comic that those people are making, and they really deserved the spot more than I did. I just would one day like to hopefully make myself a part of a group like that. I’ve tried a few times, but Sticky Fingers is kind of looked down upon by many of those groups…not this group, but many others. It’ll hopefully happen eventually. Until then I’ll keep flying solo.

Well I should have a new vote incentive up for you. If you’re only going to vote once I suggest taking it over to Webbed Comics. There are less people over there…and I almost have a fighting chance….almost…not quite though.

Finally Genius Fingers archives are up and running on the Extras section. The rest of the section should be running soon... I’m just slow. Once it’s all set up though it’ll be a cinch to set up.

Vigilante Artist Search Is Still Going on

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