Sticky Fingers- A Comic Strip About "Personal Achievement"

Tag Team?

This being the 96th strip, it is getting extremely close to the end of the deadline to submit in guest strips. Again there is only one in so far… so…I’d like at least one or two more…at least.

In case you haven’t already checked, Bloody Fingers updated earlier this week, for the first time in a little over a year. I know some of you have missed it, as have I so, this is should make you feel better about that.

On the links front, I’ve been meaning to link this one for a few weeks, but keep on forgetting…I tend to lose my original point when I start to write these things. I want you all to go check out Fortune Cookie, another member of the Guerrilla Press, team and a very fantastically drawn comic. The story is a tad bit weak, but still good enough to keep your attention, especially with some very well done action sequences. Go read that, it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than this newspot is. Have a good day Stickydikes!

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